insulating bricks - made in Italy M-21 the new kid on the block insulating perlite bricks insulating bricks insulating bricks - ISO certified
Made in Italy. Since 1951. Production plant and head-offices are located in Annicco (Cremona), 70 km east of Milan.
M-21 The refractoriness of alumina combined with the low density, for excellent performances at high temperatures.
Mosconi insulating perlite bricks combine excellent insulation properties with the stability of ceramic-bonded materials.
Highest flexibility in formats, thanks to the moulding system. Convenient tailor-made production of special shapes.
Worldwide market approval. Mosconi ISO certified bricks lead industry standards in the range from 900°C to 1150°C.

Mosconi - Insulating Perlite Bricks

  • 100% made in Italy. Since 1951.

  • Excellent insulation. Based on expanded perlite.

  • Ceramic bonded. Excellent stability.

  • 900°C to 1150°C temperature range.

  • Highest flexibility. Tailor-made production of special shapes.

  • Up to 6 MPa mechanical strength.

  • Worldwide market.
    90% export. Five continents.

  • ISO 9001 certification.